Happy Audiences!

“Ms. Corrao is a staple of the New York stand-up scene.”

Her high-energy on-stage persona is relatable and self-deprecating while remaining emotionally honest. 

— The Daily dot

Katina Corrao isn’t from South Carolina, as far as I know, but Hot Date is a gleeful confession of ambition, frustration, success (toothpaste scratched off a pajama top), and musical mosquitoes, delivered with a glee — too defiant for church… It’s substance delivered with spirit, and that’s why it’s a great, funny album to hear and to watch.


It’s immediately clear that Corrao’s style is a bit different than what you might expect from the stand-up comedy scene these days. She takes a light-hearted approach to an often darker art form, willing to examine all the subjects that make being a woman in the 21st century so challenging: dating, weight, career, but from a whimsical, ‘can-don’t’ perspective.

— PAste magazine

When listening to Katina Corrao’s recent debut album, Hot Date, adjectives like bubbly and cheerful come to mind, despite the fact that her material focuses heavily on self-deprecation and her perceived flaws. But it’s her ability to power through said flaws that makes up her onstage persona, a persona that parallels her real-life outlook.

— splitsider


Corrao’s bubbling charisma brings an infectious energy to her story telling, undercut by her frustration at the ups and downs of show business.


Corrao tunes her on stage persona to be bigger and bolder than her but, through it all, she manages to keep a smiling disposition.